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Raja’s Seat

Raja's Seat in Madikeri town was a gathering spot for monarchs and their consorts to relish sunsets, offering one of South India's most picturesque views. The lush valleys and majestic hills seen from Raja's Seat create a stunning panorama. It's an ideal spot for enjoying a glass of wine while observing cars winding up the Mangalore road below. The government's garden surrounding Raja's Seat provides a perfect setting for an early-morning stroll. Cauvery Nisargadhama, just 3 km from Madikeri and 30 km from Kushalnagar, is a Coorg forest retreat. The river Kaveri separates, forming a breathtaking 65-acre island. Boasting various attractions like boats, treetop shelters, elephant rides, and hanging bridges, this tourism hub offers nine charming cottages for accommodation. The area is home to peacocks, elephants, and deer, with the Kaveri River flowing through, enhancing the resort's allure. An elephant safari provides a delightful way to explore this scenic property.

Abbi Falls

Abby Falls, or Abbi Water Falls, is just 7-8 kilometers from Madikeri town [Galibeedu road]. 'Abbi' in coordinates means waterfall, and this one, named by the British after Jessie, descends 70 feet. Located on private land, the falls gracefully flow like a river, tumbling over stones into calm pools. A pathway through coffee and cardamom plantations leads to a swinging bridge, offering a captivating view of the falls.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Around 150 elephants, historically significant in the Dubare Elephant Camp, were once trained for Mysore Dassehra. With logging halted, the Karnataka Forest Department faces the challenge of caring for these retired elephants. Despite occasional rides for tourists, maintaining the elephants and their mahouts is costly. To address this, Jungle Lodges & Resorts (JLR) proposes a unique approach, offering visitors an "intimate experience with elephants" using the elephants at Dubare Camp.

Bylakuppe Golden Temple

The major town of Coorg, Madikeri, is around an hour away from the Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple, which are situated close to Kushalnagar. Unexpected but unquestionably worthwhile to visit is the Golden Temple in Coorg. There are hundreds of monks living in the monastery; the Tibetan community there is reportedly the second largest in India. The region is culturally rich. Additionally, there is a little retail center with vibrant Tibetan goods for sale.


Talacauvery is located in the Kodagu district on the Brahmagiri hill. From Madikeri, it is around 44 kilometers away. Approximately 1276 meters are above sea level at Talakaveri. Many travelers visit this picturesque and stunning vista for their vacation. Bhagamandala, also known as Triveni Sangam, is the confluence of three rivers. Another name for the Talakaveri temples is Dakshin Kashi.

Adventure Sports At Coorg

Coorg offers a variety of adventurous sports, with trekking being the most popular. Rachana Travels aims to make your trekking experience unforgettable, providing affordable packages led by well-known trekkers. Coorg is a sought-after destination for adventure sports, and Rachana Travels offers the best activities at competitive prices. The region’s cultural boldness inspires participation in adventure sports. We provide knowledgeable guides in secure locations, encouraging individuals to embrace adventure as a once-in-a-lifetime experience by balancing fear with passion.

Water Sports

Rachana Travels enhances your opulent vacation with a range of water sports services, facilitating travel to and from Mangalore. In Coorg, we organize thrilling water activities, particularly on the renowned Barapole River, known for its captivating rapids. Our commitment is to connect you with top-notch water sport adventurers, ensuring your water sports experience is both exciting and adventurous. The thrill and enjoyment of water sports are unparalleled, offering a selection of activities categorized as In the water, On the water, etc. This variety of sports challenges adds an extra dimension to your vacation, creating lasting memories. Combining water activities with trekking and other adventure sports makes your vacation truly exceptional. Whether it's boating, swimming, rafting, or diving, the mix of on and underwater activities promises an experience of a lifetime.


Standing atop a mountain, surrounded by acres of lush greenery, have you ever yearned to touch the clouds? Transform this desire into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, as we take care of you at the finest hiking spots. Trekking, an extended daring walk in remote areas, becomes a treasured experience in Coorg, with guaranteed services and access to top locations.

Coorg, renowned for water sports, coffee farms, orange orchards, and spice plantations, offers an exceptional environment. Our goal is to provide the best trekking experience, exploring top locations like Tadiyandamol, the highest peak in Kodagu district, Kotebetta, a fort hill with a Shiva temple, and Pushpagiri, the region's second-highest peak nestled amid the jungle. Thadiyandamol offers a magnificent view, resembling paradise with vast blue mountains and clouds caressing the slopes. Known for the Nalknad Palace, it's a delightful hiking destination.

Kerala Boat House

Affectionately known as "God's own country," Kerala is an ideal destination for sharing special moments with your significant other. The Kerala backwaters, composed of brackish lagoons and lakes parallel to the Arabian Sea coast, create a picturesque setting influenced by waves and shoreline motion. In Kerala, India, the traditional houseboat, known as "kettuvallam," translates to a "bundle" or "package" boat. Typically 60 to 70 feet long with a center width of approximately 15 feet, these boats are constructed from wooden planks stitched together with coconut fiber ropes. Bamboo poles and palm leaves form the roof, while cashew nut oil protects the exterior. In the past, Kettuvallams served as the primary mode of transportation for traders in areas inaccessible by road or rail.

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