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Mangalore  Cab Services

Nestled along the Karnataka coast, Mangalore effortlessly blends natural splendour with contemporary vibrancy. The city boasts a rich cultural legacy, adorned with iconic landmarks such as the Mangaladevi Temple, St. Aloysius Chapel, and Kadri Manjunath Temple, which perfectly complement its vibrant modern scene.

Mangalore’s public transport network is extensive, offering buses and local trains to its residents. However, it is the cab services that truly shine, providing unparalleled prominence and convenience.

Rachana Travels Car Rentals offers a wide array of transportation services tailored to meet the varied requirements of commuters and tourists alike. With traditional taxis and app-based services, we strive to provide convenient and reliable options for all travelers.

These services offer a convenient and affordable way to navigate the bustling streets of Mangalore, allowing you to explore the city’s attractions and experience its unique combination of natural beauty and modern charm. For those seeking coastal charm, a road trip to nearby Udupi offers serene beaches and delectable cuisine.

Explore Cab Options in Mangalore with Rachana Travels

Rachana Travels provides a wide selection of car models in Mangalore, such as compact cars, high-end sedans, luxury cars, and spacious vehicles like Innova and Tempo Travellers for larger groups. All Mangalore taxis provided by Rachana Travels are equipped with air conditioning and undergo regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure a high standard of service quality.

Understanding the diverse needs of passengers when selecting a taxi, Rachana Travels offers an extensive array of choices, from economical hatchbacks to roomy Tempo Travellers in Mangalore ideal for accommodating large families.

The commitment to transparent pricing ensures both affordability and clarity in taxi fares. The current cab rates as of March 2023 for Mangalore are outlined in a table for easy reference.

Different Taxi Services Offered by Rachana Travels
Rachana Travels provides a range of taxi services in Mangalore, including outstation cab services, local cabs, and airport taxi services. These cater to various travel needs, including outstation trips, local excursions, and airport transfers. With over 15 years of industry experience,
Rachana Travels has successfully expanded its service network to cover more than 20 cities, showcasing the exceptional quality and excellence of the packages and services provided in Mangalore.

Mangalore Outstation Cab Services


Rachana Travels provides a diverse range of outstation taxi options in Mangalore, including one-way drops and round trips. Mangalore’s strategic location opens up exciting destinations like Udupi, Murudeshwar, and Coorg. The outstation cabs are budget-friendly, with fares starting at just Rs. 9/km. One-way drop services from Mangalore to well-known destinations like Udupi are also available, ensuring a convenient and affordable travel experience.

Local Cabs in Mangalore


For a seamless local sightseeing experience in Mangalore, Rachana Travels offers local cab services with various hourly booking packages. Options include 4 hours/40 km for half-day cabs, 8 hours/80 km, or 12 hours/120 km for full-day cabs in Mangalore. Rachana Travels is unrivaled when it comes to selecting premium yet economical taxis in Mangalore. We guarantee exceptional services at competitive prices, on hand 24/7.

Airport Taxi Service in Mangalore


Travelling to or from Mangalore’s International Airport is made convenient with Rachana Travels’ airport taxi service. The service ensures a comfortable and hassle-free journey, bypassing challenges such as long queues and time constraints. Reliable airport transfers in Mangalore are guaranteed, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy their travel experience.

Popular Cab Packages from Rachana Travels

“Rachana Travels, a top-rated transportation company in Mangalore, offers a diverse range of cab services tailored to meet customers’ needs.” The packages provide flexible itineraries and options for multi-city trips. Personalized cab packages featuring a pay-as-you-use model, with no upfront charges for additional kilometers, make Rachana Travels a reliable choice for comfortable and economical rides available 24/7.

Why Rachana Travels Stands Out


Rachana Travels sets itself apart as a top-rated cab service through its dedication to customer satisfaction, experienced and skilled drivers, a diverse selection of vehicles, and 24/7 booking and trip assistance. With a customer-centric approach, the company consistently receives positive feedback, achieving a rating of 4.6 stars and more on Google.

About Rachana Travels Car Rentals

“Rachana Travels has set the standard for experiential road travel, establishing itself as more than just a logistics provider.” “By embracing road travel as a chance to experience evolving cultures, climates, and landscapes, the company values diversity, a spirit of adventure, and an appreciation for richness.” “With 16 years of expertise in the field, Rachana Travels positions itself as a travel company rather than a conventional cab service, embodying its mission to ‘Ignite India’s passion for road travel.'”

How to Book a Taxi in Mangalore with Rachana Travels

Rachana Travels provides a reliable and convenient cab booking service in Mangalore for travellers. The user-friendly website, along with a 24×7 customer service number, ensures easy reservations.

Exclusive deals and discounts are available through the mobile app. Rachana Travels emphasises complete transparency in billing, assuring customers of no hidden fees. With a steadfast commitment to safety and comfort, our fleet undergoes regular maintenance, and our experienced drivers prioritize both passenger safety and satisfaction. Rachana Travels is the preferred choice for booking cabs in Mangalore for business or leisure purposes.

To book a taxi in Mangalore with Rachana Travels, follow these four easy steps:
Determine the type of booking needed, whether for outstation trips, local sightseeing, or airport transfers.
Specify the desired cab route, pickup date and time, and choose a cab that fits your requirements and budget.
Select the preferred payment method, including options like pre-paid, partially paid, or postpaid, accepting various payment modes.
Complete the booking by reaching out to the customer service hotline at +91 99022 66800 or +91 98867 15035 using the website or mobile app.

Outstation Getaways in the Vicinity of Mangalore
Book a luxury car rental in Mangalore for outstation trips to discover captivating destinations, leaving a lasting impression. Mangalore’s proximity to enchanting places offers a wealth of options for road trips, exploring nearby destinations perfect for adventure.

Local Sightseeing around Mangalore with Rachana Travels

Explore Mangalore like a local by embarking on a road adventure with Rachana Travels taxi services. Experienced drivers serve as guides to the city’s hidden treasures, offering an insider’s perspective to both tourists and residents. Rachana Travels is dedicated to making road exploration in Mangalore a memorable reality.

Handy Guide for Mangalore
Highlighting popular attractions, local cuisine, and must-see spots in Mangalore give visitors insight into the city’s vibrant culture. Discover a treasure trove of information about the captivating nearby cities and immerse yourself in the local sightseeing guides that offer an awe-inspiring and all-encompassing overview of the multitude of unforgettable experiences awaiting you in Mangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions by Rachana Travels Customers

What is the average cost of renting in a cab in Mangalore?
The average cost of renting a cab in Mangalore varies based on the type of cab chosen. Rates are provided for AC Sedan, AC SUV or MUV, and Premium SUVs, taking into account factors such as the distance traveled and any additional services required during the journey.


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